Sněžka - the highest Czech mouintain ( 1603,3 meters above sea )

This one of the most important landmark of Krkonoše (Giant) Mountains is also a popular destination for hiking tours. From the top there are spectacular views of Czech and Polish countryside. At the top there stands a chapel of sv. Vavřinec from year 1665, Polish hut from year 1976 with weather observation station and new Czech post office constructed in 2005-2006 nearby the place where in years 1899-2009 was the bulding of original mail.This is also the highest place in Czech Republic where you can get the post mark and post stamp and send your post. Old post office was in 2009 salvaged and transferred to Javorova rock (Central Czechia), where was rebuild again. From 1850 there was also on the top an old Polish ( originally Silesian) cottage, but in 1976 it was substituted with contemporary modern Polish observation station, From Špindlerův Mlýn to Sněžka you can get only by foot - several trips and routes are available. Or you can also use new cabine lift from Pec pod Sněžkou (from Špindl to Pec pod Sněžkou cca 48 km by car or bus ).

Route No.1: Špindlerova Bouda (Hut) - Sněžka

By bus to Špindlerovka (Špindlerova Hut) (1198 mtrs above sea) - follow the red tourist trail ( Czech- Polish friendship trail) - over Slunečník rocks (1423 mtrs above sea)- Silesian Hut (1395 mtrs above sea) - to Sněžka.
Route length 9,3 Kms, duration approximately 3,5 hrs

Route No.2: Špindlerův Mlýn - Dlouhý důl (Long valley) - Sněžka

Špindl center - Svatý Petr (Saint Peter) valley - via hotel Esprit - Dlouhý důl (Long valley) - pass around Červinkova mohyla - at Výrovka Hut follow the red tourist mark to chapel ( memorial to victims of mountains ) - to Luční Bouda (Hut) - then follow the blue tourist mark - through Silesian Hut - to Sněžka.

Route length 13,4 Kms, duration approximately 5,5 hrs.

Route No.3 Špindlerův Mlýn - Kozí Hřbety - Sněžka

From Špindl center - than follow red tourist mark - around hotel Belmonte up the hill to church - around the school - on Stará Bucharova way - pass around the hotel Horal a Panorama - via Kozí hřbety - Rennerovy studánky ( former Rennerova bouda - Renner's Hut ) - to Luční Bouda (Hut) - then continue by blue tourist mark - over Slezský dům (Silesian Hut) - to Sněžka.

Route length 13,4 Kms, duration approximately 6 hrs.

Route No.4: Špindlerův Mlýn - Bílé Labe valley - Sněžka

Špindl center – from center follow blue tourist mark - against stream of Labe - pass around chair lift to Medvědín - National Park Info center - further right to Dívčí lávky - Weber way - to Bouda Bílé Labe (Hut) - valley Bílé Labe - to Luční Bouda (Hut) - Slezský dům (Silesian Hut) - to Sněžka.

Route length 15,5 Kms, duration approximatly 6,5 hrs.

Route No.5: Špindlerův Mlýn - Klínovy boudy - Sněžka

Špindl center - from town center continue on the green mark to Svatý Petr - Pláně chair-lift - take a lift up the Pláně - green touristic mark - bouda Na Pláni - via Klínové boudy - Chalupa na Rozcestí - across Výrovka Hut follow the red tourist mark to chapel ( memorial to victims of mountains ) - to Luční Bouda (Hut) - then continue by blue tourist mark - over Slezský dům (Silesian Hut) - to Sněžka.

Route length 18,2 kms, duration approximatly 7,5 hrs.

Route No.6: Špindlerův Mlýn- Pec pod Sněžkou - Sněžka

Go by bus from Špindl to Pec pod Sněžkou - from center of Pec - follow blue turistic mark straight to lift - by lift via Růžová hora - to Sněžka.

Route length (bus/lift) - 48 Kms

Pramen Labe (River Labe's wellspring)

Pramen Labe (river's Labe wellspring) is a place symbolically modified for touristic needs as a start of Labe river, approximately 150 - 300 meters from real wellsprings .Pramen Labe is in 1387 meters above sea at the place called Labská louka (meadow). The real wellspring of Labe river is actually 150 - 300 meters away from touristic pathways and due to nature protection also strictly closed to public. In 1968 - a stone wall was built with 26 signs of important towns on its stream constructed by Jiří Škopek.

Route No.1: Špindlerův Mlýn – Medvědín - Pramen Labe

Take chair-lift to Medvědín - follow the yellow mark - via Svinské louže - at Šmídova vyhlídka ( panoramatical view ) - than follow the red mark to Vrbatova bouda and Zlaté návrší - across Hanč and Vrbata Memorial - to Ambrožova vyhlídka - Pančava falls - Labská bouda - follow the green mark to Pramen Labe.

Interesting places to stop over:

-Šmídova vyhlídka

-Mohyla Hanče a Vrbaty (Memorial)

-Pančavský vodopád (Pančava falls)

-Pramen Labe (Wellspring)

Route length 6,1 kms, duration approximately 2,5 hrs.

Route No.2: Špindlerův Mlýn – Horní Mísečky – Pramen Labe

From Špindl center follow the blue touristic mark to Harrachova skála (rock) - via Horní Mísečky ( Jilemnická bouda ) - by bus to Vrbatova bouda and Zlaté návrší - through Mohyla Hanče a Vrbaty (Memorial) - to Ambrožova vyhídka - Pančava vodopád (fall) - Labská bouda.

Route length 3,3 kms, approximately 1,5 hrs.

Lookout Tower Žalý - built in 1890

Špindlerův Mlýn - rozhledna Žalý

By bus to Herlíkovice - by chair-lift to Přední Žalý - than through forest to lookout tower Žalý - back by red mark to Špindlerův Mlýn - Rovinka – Občerstvení u Piráta – on green to Třídomí – then on blue mark to Chata Labská.

route length 8,1 kms, duration approximately 2,5 hrs

Sněžné Jámy

Sněžné jámy is one of the best known and the most photogenical places you can find in Krkonoše. Real iceberg lakes - last few pieces, botanical clenots of Krkonoše.

Labská přehrada (Labská dam) - built in years 1910 - 1916

Údolí Bílého Labe (Bílé Labe valley)

Labský důl

Svatopetrské údolí (Svatý Petr valley)